Save Money with an Electric Car

How to Save Money with an Electric Car

Each year more people wonder how to save money with an electric car.

If you think fuel cost alone will carry you into savings, it won’t.

Motoring Research found that it may take up to 14 years of ownership before an electric car becomes cheaper to own.

This is because electric cars usually carry a higher upfront cost than their gasoline counterparts.

Save Money with an Electric Car Through Proper Operation

High temperature and overcharging are the biggest enemies of car batteries.

Protecting your battery means potentially saving thousands in replacement costs since it is one of the most expensive components in an electric car.

Another thing, prepare to make every effort to drive safely.

This is because insurance is more expensive for electric cars on average and even moderate damage may force your provider to declare yours a total loss.

Get Your New Car for Business Use

Research the business use of a car and consult a tax professional to reap savings per mile plus depreciation.

While using a car for business does require logging miles, it’s a worthwhile hassle for the effort.

The best part about this tip is that it applies to both gas and electric cars.

Better yet, get a used car for business use for even more savings.

Tax Reduction Expiration on Electric Vehicles

There are popular articles that contain outdated tax credit facts.

Make sure you have updated tax information.

Energysage, for instance, maintains updated information for tax credits for electric cars on both the federal and state level.

Although reduced tax credits deter people from buying electric cars do not let it happen to you.

If you need further to help you decide what your next car should be, here are some links:

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