Importance of the Ads Displayed

Work to Make It displays ad.

Many people around the world work hard to create, pack and transport the products that we use. We as consumers often overlook the conditions of these workers, shop oblivious to their story, and fail to regard the state of their environment.

Unknowingly today a retail store may advertise a sale on a product whose manufacturer operates under the same lack of principles as the one where the 2012 Dhaka fire took place. Buying that product involves us dealing with the retailer but also the unseen supplier, manufacturer, and transporter.

When shopping for a product, ask about who made it. Does the creator use recycled materials? Do the companies involved pay fair wages? Is this company doing their part to improve sustainable operations in some way?

Even one change, like sourcing the lining on a pair of jeans from a sustainable source, means getting a step closer to a brighter future.

Encourage the organizations that produce our products to embrace sustainable principles over profitability.

Ad Markets Don’t Give Sustainability Importance

Ad markets share ads based on the content on user history and preferences. What if qualifying the operation for sustainability mattered to?