Leveraging Technology for Personal/Financial Wellness

Leveraging technology is as simple as starting a blog. Get inspired to start one with this guide.

Leveraging Technology with a Blog

Maintaining a blog focuses our own attention on our aim. All the reading, planning, and exchanging ideas helps create the the best version of a vision.

Blogs also make great places to connect content across all social media accounts. This is a crucial thing for visibility and feedback.

To start with a professional presence, content creators need a web hosting provider and domain name registrar. Dreamhost helps with both of these needs.

In addition, Dreamhost makes sure websites run fast, secure, and with high up-time. That’s a huge step toward earning the trust of visitors and search engines.

Start a WordPress Blog on Dreamhost.

When starting out on a blogging adventure, chances are that beginners will need images for their blog. If you need images check out Pixabay.

Pixabay is an online catalog of high-quality images and footage in the public domain. This means we are free to use them in our work.

Download free images on Pixabay for your blog.

Add a Podcast to Your Blog

Take your content to the next level with a podcast.

What is a podcast? A podcast is like an on-demand radio show.

The most basic setup for a podcast involves a microphone connected to a computer and recording software.

Many people use Garage Band on Mac or Audacity on other platforms (Windows/Linux) to create and edit their show.

Try recording a 20 minute long show but experiment with lengths. Do so in a quiet space in one take for practice and minimal editing.

Another resource for podcasts is Podbean.

Podbean hosts podcasts with powerful tools for growing an audience and playing files.

Try Podbean today.

Leveraging Technology with Video

Video increasingly dominates communication online, especially live streaming on social media. If we wanted to create quality edited content, however, we might start on Youtube.

Youtube is a great platform for everything from sharing knowledge and products reviews to performances.

Experiment with ideas until finding the core ones that helped you gain your audience.

Create Your Own Software

Traditionally the best software developers began writing software at an early age at home and later in computer science classes from top schools.

Now many resources like Coding Phase, Coder Foundry, and Free Code Camp exist to help anyone realize their full software development potential.

One growing category in the programming world is mobile software development.

Mobile phones are everywhere and that’s why they are a great platform for the exchange of goods/services.

There are many tools to create this type of software but a keen one we will focus on is Corona.

Corona is a framework that allows us quickly develop apps for both Android and iOS phones.

It makes use of the Lua programming language which is beginner-friendly.

Learn to develop with Lua on Corona.

Connect with Like-Minded People on Social Media

Feedback, posting informative articles, taking an interest in others, and updating on progress helps creators immensely.

We do that here at Work to Make It.

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