Working Memory Trainer: A Mobile Phone App

Working Memory Trainer helps us build a good working memory.

Working Memory Trainer Screenshot

How to Play

First press the tiles to reveal them and find the matching tiles. Then try to match them all in the least amount of moves. After completing the game, post your results on social media. Replay to improve and win!

Can you finish this game in fewer moves?

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A good working memory plays a more important role than IQ

Do you often forget what you planned to get at a store? Does taking a multiple choice test trigger your anxiety?

Training with games like Working Memory Trainer daily helps improve visual-spatial working memory. This means increased focus, true multitasking, executing tasks better under pressure and more.

To learn more about the topic read this book by Tracy Alloway, PhD and Ross Alloway, PhD.


This project serves as a case study for developing anything: start with a basic concept and take the next step through learning and feedback.

The first version, for example, started with only tiles that users flip with a click. The tiles only stayed open if they matched.  After all the matches, a plain menu opened displaying the total amount of moves.


Knowing that we wanted to target Android we could have published this game using Java with Android Studio.

On the other hand, we chose to develop this game in a programming language called Lua using Corona SDK instead.

That way we could easily bring the game to iOS later since Corona is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Leverage this and other important technologies yourself using this guide.

Early Timeline

To start with, we read about the importance of working memory in July of 2016.

We subsequently developed an educational game around the idea.

After researching games with similar functionality, we began development in August of 2016.

At last, working on and off, we published the first version in May of 2017.


Stay tuned for updates on Google Play and expect a release for iOS.